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Welcome to Holden Lane Primary School

At Holden Lane Primary School, we believe that all children are entitled to a high quality education and should regard their school as a safe, exciting and enjoyable place to be. Every child has the right to a stimulating curriculum where they can learn from real life experiences which develop their understanding and knowledge of the world. We strive for every person involved in our school to feel valued and special so that every day, they feel they have achieved success.

We firmly believe that each individual child should be provided with a meaningful and creative education within an effective learning community that nurtures the development of the whole child. We value each child as an individual and believe they should be provided with an appropriate curriculum to enable them to flourish and grow.

Highly motivated professionals, with high expectations and a commitment to raising standards provide the environment in which our children develop confidence, high self-esteem, independent learning skills and the belief that they can achieve whatever they aspire, ultimately enabling each individual to achieve and excel.

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