Holden Lane Primary School pupils

Welcome to Holden Lane Primary

We are very proud of our school and are committed to working together to provide an exciting and appropriate curriculum for all of our pupils.

In addition to gaining academic knowledge and understanding, your child will develop social and emotional skills while enjoying enriching and challenging experiences which enable them to flourish and grow.

All children are entitled to a high quality education and should regard their school as a safe, exciting and enjoyable place to be. We strive for everyone involved in our school to feel valued and special, so that every day they feel they have achieved success.

As Headteacher, I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of the children and families of the city in which I was born. Our vision is to provide the best educational opportunities for every child, irrespective of background, ability, gender or race. Our children learn in a positive, happy, caring and inclusive atmosphere which I believe reflects our ethos and aims.

We are therefore extremely excited to be joining an integral part of the City Learning Trust which will enhance all aspects of our school’s development, enabling our children to continue to be happy and successful learners and enabling the school to grow and excel.

Miss C Thomas